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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nice People!

I've had some lovely mail lately!

A few days ago I got a package from Demeter - I shamelessly begged for the pattern from a kit she had finished, and she sent it to me with the leftover threads, as well! I didn't expect that. The Goth Chick wants this picture stitched up for her new kitchen and I have been unable to find it here except on eBay, from a rather odd seller that I decided not to risk.


And then today when I checked my mail, I had an envelope from Joysze. She recently asked for opinions on some patterns she had, and I said someday I wanted to stitch L&L's 'The Quiltmaker' because it reminds me of my Grandmother, who quilts by hand. And she sent it to me for free! O_O I was shocked! and very, very happy! My Mum has immediately claimed that this one is hers! lol! Some day in the far distant future when it's stitched!!!

So see - lovely people! Thank you guys so very, very much!!!

And I cannot remember who posted the link on their blog to crazyanniesstitching on but THANK YOU! Lookie what I got!


That is, from left to right, a fat half of 28ct navy Jobelan, a fat quarter of 28ct black Lugana, and a 29x54 piece of 28ct ice blue Monaco. For very, very, very little. The Monaco was $10.50!!!

The title of my blog is very appropriate at the moment - I'm definitely feeling dazed!

In stitching progress, here's Fred!


I finished up his bottom shelf (!) and the first two red books are done. And I never once was tempted to toss him out a window back into WIP storage! That's kinda amazing, since that's what happened the last time I really worked on that bottom shelf - XD

Also I have some progress on the Eagle kit - two Sundays, and two more colors done.


Moving right along!


  1. Hi Tama. I love Fred and have that in my stash.
    There are several on line shops in the states that sell the Bothy Thread charts and kits.


  2. Stitching friends are the absolute best for sure :) Your WiPs are coming along beautifully.


  3. Hello

    You have some lovely stitchy friends indeed.

    I love your cat WIP it's so cute.

  4. Fred looks great! That tea pattern is so fun, I have a friend that loves tea and I'll have to try to keep this in mind as something to stitch for her. It would be perfect with the style of her kitchen too ....

  5. When I worked on Fredrick I found that the bottom shelf took ages longer than I expected it to, but it does look great when it's finished.

  6. Both wips look great! I love how the Eagle is showing colour after colour

  7. Both look good, Tama. Your Fred is much more impressive than mine!! I think I have two books done, part of the shelf, and one stitch of his thigh, lol. Great job!!! Keep it up and you'll have finishes soon!

  8. Congrats on the goodies! Fred is looking really great!

  9. Your postman must love you. :D Those fabbies were such a steal.

    WIPs are looking great, Tama. You're going to be done with Fred in no time at all. :D