My Huge Work in Progress List!


Friday, February 13, 2015


The computers were down at work today but I had to stay to answer phones - it was so cold and there were almost no customers.  I wish every day was like that!  Except for the cold.

Since I only had a little work to do, I got some stitching out.  I only had my stockings with me, so I got started on the second to the last, the wreath with the big, red bow.

Of seven colors, I got three done and most of the fourth.  Three shades of red to go, and the backstitching.  If tomorrow is anything like today, I'll have a wee finish!

I'm off to work on my Mini-Rings CAL afghan now - I'm two weeks behind!


  1. What a great start Tama. The end is in sight.


  2. I have always had a hard time starting Christmas projects so soon after the holidays. Your stockings are coming out really nicely though.

  3. Lovely stocking. So many colors for such a tiny thing.