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Sunday, February 8, 2015

January Snows! (and a Royal Flush)

I finished the first of my Snapper blocks - 'January Snows'.  I had to take it outside to get a good picture and it's still not the best.  The fabric is a sort of creamy tan color.  The floss looks pretty close in this, though.  A little brighter, maybe.

I have to finish the border around it and get 'February Glows' done this month to stay on schedule :D

I couldn't resist the pun for this next one - I worked on my Bothy Cut-Thru Princess Palace, which did look like this:

I did some backstitching, and then - I stitched the toilet in the bathroom upstairs!  So Royal Flush!  And my sister is rolling her eyes so hard they might fall out, bwah ha ha ha!  I could make a double-pun and say I've stitched both thrones?



  1. Thank you for my laugh of the day Tama. I'm still giggling. A really cute finish on January. The Palace looks great and such a difference with the backstitching. I'm glad your back.


  2. Great puns. lol Back stitching always makes the design pop.

  3. Cute finish!!
    Love the pun on a great piece!

  4. Nice throne pun LOL! Doesn't a bit of backstitching make a world of difference? Looks so fun.
    xo Alicia

  5. Like your puns. Great stitching on both. Your Bothy Threads is coming along really well.

  6. Haha...both of your thrones look great!

  7. Bwahaha, more power to your thrones! Backstitching looks so fun on a Bothy piece. And wow that is a round snowman! :D