My Huge Work in Progress List!


Friday, May 22, 2015

Crafting ADD

I has it.

A new cross stitch project (my own pattern!), my second finished coloring poster, 'Cherry Basket', my first book-folding project, and my solid-color Rings of Change is now almost as big as the finished Mini-Rings.

I haven't touched the striped Rings of Change again (yet), but I have worked on Unspoken and Lovers.  I'll show them soon!

I managed to get another bird at my feeder; I wasn't at the right angle to get a good shot but here's a handsome Blue Jay investigating the pickings!

These birds are so loud!  And they'll eat the fruit crop right off your trees, but they are very nicely dressed, I always think!  Oh, and this morning when I left for work, I finally saw a tiny brown hummingbird at my liquid feeder!  I KNEW someone was drinking that!  I wish I had my camera in my hand but alas, I did not!


  1. Oh my, too many beautiful projects to ogle at. The book folding one looks so amazing! Your crochet looks lovely. Can't wait to see the unique cross stitch done, surely it's gonna be great. Have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. WOW! That book is incredible! How'd you do that????? All your projects are gorgeous. I wish my craft ADD muse would come back but I'm still just cross stitching.

    1. I bought a beginner's pattern and tutorial on etsy for $1.50. Most patterns are $5 or more. You just have to measure and mark, then fold on the lines. It is EASY but time-consuming!

  3. I just love cross stitch too much to be tempted by anything else! That book looks great.

  4. Beautiful projects! And nice capture on the blue jay. We used to have one outside our bedroom window that would wake us up at around 5am in the summer.. ugh!

  5. Ooo rings of change is looking amazing. :D I have yet to see blue jays at our feeder but I'm glad for it. They're such big bullies towards the little birds! >_<

  6. As a fellow sufferer of CADD, I understand :-) Wonderful progress on everything, Tama. The bird feeder looks like it's a hit; I hope you can get a pic of a hummingbird.

  7. I love the rings of change in that blue. All your other projects look great Tama.