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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Worth the Wait

Haven't posted in a few days - it's been busy and stressful but I'll not go in to that right now!  I have been stitching; I'll try to post about that tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago I started reading this blog, by Beth, and it made me really want to put up a bird feeder or two.  I went to the store and priced them, and anything well-made was out of my 'petty cash' budget for now.  So I got a little hummingbird feeder to start, and thought I'd wait to get a big one later.  But then my Mum told me that there were two really nice ones in her side yard, left behind from the last owners - the side yard is fenced in and has a building in front of it, there is only a very narrow opening to get there.  It's also full of a huge magnolia tree, so I have been back there maybe once?

Anyway, I got one of the feeders as I only had a place to hang one big one (so far) and filled it with seeds and suet blocks and put it out.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And finally, early this morning, after a week of nothing, I got a visitor.

A very handsome fellow, and if you look close enough, he has a sunflower seed hanging out of his beak!

So very much worth waiting for! :D  Now if I can just get some hummingbirds at the little feeder - something's drinking from it, but I haven't caught anyone in the act just yet.

Extra info for this pic:

1. The bird feeder had been sitting back there so long it had moss growing on the roof.  It was pretty, so I left it.

2.  I love the way early morning light looks in pictures, but I hate getting up early enough to actual take advantage of it.  If I hadn't had to go to work, I wouldn't have gotten this.  He was there when I came home at 11 for lunch, but the light wasn't nearly as pretty.

3.  The tree has a strap around it because we transplanted it last fall.  It is a grafted apple tree and it was in the way of my father's building project.  It has four different varieties on it and we hated to cut it down, so we risked moving it.  I have pictures, I'll show you someday.  When it was moved, we discovered that it was actually two trees, with their roots entwined and growing so closely that it looked like one big trunk.  So they are strapped together to keep the little one from falling down, and will have to stay like that for a year.

4.  I really need to mow my yard XD


  1. What a success story, haha. Great picture indeed:)

  2. I've never had a bird feeder in my yard before. I had a bird bath out in WA but I forgot and left it there. Might get one this year b/c I heard that bees need water too and we need to encourage bees. Yours looks great and you scored a cardinal!

  3. Such a bright red bird. They are so fun to watch.


  4. Bright bird!! It is so nice when we wait for and get visitors. I had put a feeder and birdhouse in my balcony but none came to the feeder and and only bees made their home in the birdhouse. However when I had kept grains in an open clay plate, many came and one of them made a nest too.

  5. What a gorgeous picture! I'll say it was worth the wait!! I hope he brings some friends along next time!!