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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Stashy Saturday

It feels sooooooooooo weird not to post a letter!

Here's a bit of stash that I've fallen in love with recently - I always wanted to get a needle minder just to try them out but I kept putting it off - they were pretty, but I didn't think they'd make that much of a difference.

Then I saw this one on sale and thought 'why not'?  Because that was one of the books I liked that they made us read in school.

Well, I found out that I love a needle minder!  So handy!!!  And since I adore books and reading, I decided that I needed a couple more, so I wouldn't have to transfer this one from project to project.

I used the craft portion of my last payday for these:

So cute!  My camera focused on the printed background instead of the books; they are not that fuzzy! I'm hoping the seller (PinoyStitch, on etsy) will do an Agatha Christie title.  She does have a poll where you can vote for the next book you'd like to see, and she added Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express for me.  So I will be keeping my fingers crossed!  She's got a lot of other titles I want, too, but I found a seller on Facebook that will do round button-style ones to order, so I'm saving back now to get one with Spike on it XD XD XD

I also bought this needle holder from her:

I may get another of those, too, as I've lost this one three times and counting...  I had to borrow the picture from her shop.


  1. Those are so cute! Needleminders are so useful.

  2. Those are really cool! I love the book idea for the needle minder. I've never used one myself; some of my floss organizers have a magnet on the top for the needle but I just stick it in the top of the Aida cloth in an area that won't be stitched.

  3. Oh they do look so pretty. I never thought I would need a needleminder 'cause I always put it on top right edge of the fabric when I'm done. But seeing these, whoa, makes me want to buy one now. Thanks for the info.

  4. I recently got RAKd a couple of them and now I'm not sure I can live without them! I used to put them in an unstitched area but have had them rust before. :l Love your little book ones. I'd probably get P&P, Hobbit, or Watership Down myself.

    1. Realized post-publish that sounds like the needle minders rusted, yikes. Just needles. /derps elsewhere now :b

  5. Love your new stash Tama. I've never used a needle minder either.


  6. I don't use a minder but these are cute! My fave is Nancy Drew because I read her when I was growing up, actually I may have to read her again lol

  7. I have never tried a needleminder, but those ones look gorgeous:) Like the idea of the book-theme:)