My Huge Work in Progress List!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sleepy Kitten, Maynia Start #3, and Tigers!

Hullo, all!

Here is my progress on start #2 - as a reminder, it's supposed to look like this:

The tea things and the daises are solidly stitched, but I didn't want to stitch all that white on white fabric.  So, instead of doing in on 14 count white aida, I chose to do it on 28 count Glass Blue Monaco.  Here's my start:

I finished all of the B5200 in the daises and have started on the other colors.  I'm looking forward to working my way down the vase!

Here's start #3 - I have a lot of doctor appointments coming up and I wanted something small to take with me - it's still going to get its five days of work, but if for some reason I don't finish it, it'll go in my purse.  (I finished the Love, Love, Love kit that was going about in my smaller purse, but I keep forgetting to take a picture!)

It's a free Fizzy Moon kit that came with an issue of World of Cross Stitch.  It's called 'Friends' and is to be finished into a little card.  I'll probably give it to my mom, 'cause she'll use it to decorate with :D

And now, another China kit :D :D :D

This one is a big one (yay!) and is called 'Tiger Family'.  Here's the picture on the booklet.

And the pattern page layout:

Twenty four fairly solid-stitch pages.  This is what came out of the package - a big, heavy piece of fabric with three packs of two needles each!  I hope these don't make my fingers burn like the others did!  Six extra needles is a nice thing :D

When I unfolded it, this is the floss pile I saw.  It's all sorted, no worries there, it's just folded around the floss sorters.  I think this one has 44 colors.

Then I unfolded the giant fabric - it's just shy of four feet long and about 30 inches tall:

Yeeks!  This is going to take a while!  But I think I'm going to love every stitch!  I can't wait until my Dad has time to make my big frame so I can work on one of these giant kits!

Happy Stitching guys!  I'll be back around the 15th with whatever I start next!



  1. Nice work on everything and that is one huge kit!!

  2. I have a few kits from China, too! Of course, one of them I will probably never finish in my lifetime, but they are a lot of fun!
    The only downside, I think, is when posting progress pictures, it can be sometimes hard to see the progress due to the printing on the fabric, but the printing does make it much easier to stitch without having to check the pattern every few seconds.

  3. Wow! Those are some ambitious kits you got there! Now I don't feel so bad with all the ones I have purchased and have yet to start.

  4. Wow that's huge! I love your patterns my favorite is the fuzzy moon :). Enjoy!

  5. Oh my, that's a HUGE project! I can't even picture how you are going to hold it!

  6. Great starts Tama. Your new kit is gorgeous and huge.


  7. Great progress, the fabric is nice with those white flowers. Another massive kit! Have fun:)

  8. Holy floss, Tama!!! I about had a heart attach when I scrolled to that pic. LOL!! Tigers charts are gorgeous. Looking forward to your progress.

    1. Lol - it is a big, messy looking pile, isn't it? Not the worst one I've seen though - you should see the floss that came with my GIANT giant China kit!