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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Stitch Maynia Start #1

The rules for Stitch Maynia are very, very loose.  There's an official sign-up in the Stitch Maynia group on Facebook.  The original challenge was to start something every day for the first 15 days of May, but now it's just basically - start stuff in May.  As many or as few as you want.  I've decided on something new every five days, until I hit five projects.

Probably.  There may be six :D

For my Start #1, I'm doing 'A is for Anchor' by Prairie Schooler.  You would think that after April's A-Z challenge, I'd be tired of the alphabet, but nope!

I'm not stitching them on one big piece like a lot of people are - I'm stitching them on separate small pieces.  This is the only one I'm starting during Stitch Maynia.

So I'll be back in a few days to show you progress and my next start!  So far I only have about 20 stitches on this one, because today was busy.  I started a Bigfoot amigurumi and went to church and a Christening.

Happy Stitching, all!



  1. Lovely charts. Good luck with your challenge!

  2. Good luck! I saw that it started yesterday but I'm a little intimidated to join. I can barely work on one WIP at a time much less attempt to start 15 different projects. I don't even have my to-do projects kitted up yet!

  3. I love this, I'm planning to do it as one but can't seem to get around having a large fabric. Good luck with the challenge, keep us posted:)

  4. Good for you leaping right in!

  5. I've been hearing about the Stitch Maynia group of Floss Tube. I've recently started watching. I love them!!! You have chosen a great project to start. Can't wait to see all the other choices. And I may have to check out this group I'm hearing so much about.