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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Last of Stitch Maynia

Okay, I'm late again.  Story of my life.

Here is project #5 - 'The Tie That Binds' from 'Words to Stitch By':

I ended up with two -TWO - doctor's visits, after all, so there was less time for this than I hoped.  However, I'm am very satisfied with my progress!  Although, I must admit, the DMC conversion does not look a whole lot like that pattern picture.  I noticed it when I got the floss, but I decided not to change it, because the person that this will eventually be given to will love these colors :D

The knotwork border is Olive Green, not Brown.  Otherwise the colors match fairly well.  Maybe the dark color in the flower is a bit redder.  So pleased with this one :D

And yeah, I decided to go for one last start - six total. (On the 30th I am not starting a new one.  I think I will pick up my HAED, 'Unspoken'.  I miss it.)

For the last one, I decided to go big.  Not quite HAED big, but pretty big, none the less!

Lovely, lovely, lovely!  Except that the dark color I started with, just behind his ear, is SIX strands of floss in a half stitch.  My fingers are sore from the effort of getting that through the fabric, and there is a ton of that symbol! But I shall persevere :D

I have still more China kits to show you!  This is one I've been searching to find for quite a while -it comes up on eBay and Aliexpress but it's usually the smaller version.  I wanted the big one!  It's called 'Golden Lillies'.  It finally popped up on eBay in the large size and I grabbed it.

I forgot to take a picture of the pages layout, but there are 24.  It has 23 colors - less than usual but SO MUCH FLOSS!  You'll see!

Here's the folded fabric -

And I unfolded it to find this -


And then here is the huge 5 foot long fabric:

I am just itching to start one of these huge ones but I will finish Sunset Birds first!

Happy stitching, guys!  Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend - I have it off!  Whoo hoo!



  1. EEEEK! Those are so intimidating!!! I really bum hard when the floss isn't presorted. I can often tell what's what by seeing how many strands have been included. But if there are 2 strands of light peach and 2 strands of pale light orange, I can't figure out which is which AT ALL.

  2. Love your new starts Tama. Beautiful new kit but boy that is ginormous.


  3. I love the colors of your start. That new kit is huge! Wonder how long you can keep from puttng that first stitch in:)

  4. How pretty =) I love regal Tiger! And that Chinese kit is so huge!

  5. Holy floss batman! That's a ton! Great pieces and progress!

  6. Wow, great win, but wow! I have Regal Tiger as well, though I have yet to start it.

  7. Wow Golden Lillies is breathtaking! And look at all that beautiful golden thread. I'm dying for you to start this one too.
    xo Alicia