My Huge Work in Progress List!


Friday, June 10, 2016

'A is for Anchor' - B is for Boat?

Prairie Schooler's 'A is for Anchor' has an anchor! and a boat! and a giant bird!

I got a lot more done this turn than I did the last one.  This is now halfway done :D

Next is a free turn - I get to stitch whatever I want and what I want is 'Sunset Birds'.  Another little boat!

Next time you see it, this little boat will be done! I am determined :D

I didn't get any more of my China kits out to take more pictures - I will get to the rest of them soon.  I have several small ones on their way to me - the ones that cost $3-$5 and are so cute!  Maybe those will be the next ones I show.

I am also working on updating the old page I had showing every single one of my WIPs and UFOs. It's kind of nice to be deleting several that are finished now.  But tough getting them all in alphabetical order with updated WIP pics XD

Back in a few days - Happy Stitching!



  1. Great progress! Looking forward to those cute kits:)

  2. Did you get the little kits from 123 Stitch? I love that website. I can't let myself look at it or else I will buy. I have too many projects to finish first.

  3. Nice progress Tama. Love your next project.


  4. Great progress =) I'm looking forward to see more of Sunset Birds and your kits from China =)

  5. Lovely work on everything! And glad you're enjoying the rotation too.