My Huge Work in Progress List!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Close!

I'm getting very close to finishing Puppy - only the half cross stitch and backstitch to go! If I have Tuesday off (I hope!) I'll have this... er, puppy... done!

All the full crosses are done and the half cross is started, though I doubt you can see it - I'm currently working with one strand of pale grey on white material. Lovely way to go blind!

Also a bit of progress on Mary Wigham - two small motifs finished and the first set of initals stitched. While I am going to put Mary's name and the 1790 date, I'm changing the initials on hers to my family's initals. And yeah, I caved and fixed the charted mistake in the yellow medallion. Couldn't take it :D
The little full medallion is the color I was iffy about - it does blend into the fabric a little (only a tiny little bit, though) but for some reason I find it lovely. I wish you all could see it in real life...


  1. Great progress on the puppy!
    Yor MW piece looks beautiful, love the colors in that fabric!

  2. Can't wait for your puppy HD!

    MW is looking great!