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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mary Wigham Fabric

Lots of pics in this post!
I got my fabric for Mary Wigham - it was white, and I wanted brown, but couldn't afford to order brown. So I dyed it. One of the bands that I use to make fabric look mottled broke and I didn't realize it. So I didn't get all the mottleing I wanted, but it still came out rather nice.

It's 30x36, or it was. Shrinks a bit when you dye it.

Here's the floss toss - the camera captured the color of the fabric almost perfectly, but it burnt out some of the floss colors. Oh, well. They look nice, and only one shade of pink blended in. I may replace it. I may not. I kind of like the faded effect of it.

I've started stitching, but I've gotten very little done so no pic yet.

Here's Puppy:

I finished the last of the solid brown colors and I've almost finished the first brown blend. One more blend, and then the grey & black spots and the peach on his lil' toes. After that, there's only the half cross stitch of the shadows & spots around him. I'm going to try for a July finish!

I lucked out this week, in my opinion - I love to go to 'flea' markets and yard sales. About two years ago, I got this picture of a sailing ship for $1.00 - I think you can see that the rigging is all done in very elaborate string work, with little nails. It's very interesting, at least to me!
I have a fondness for nautical things, which is odd since I've seen the ocean a grand total of twice.

A day or so ago, I got another $1.00 pic. The lady selling it said no one would want it because the bottom left-hand corner of the frame is broken with a piece missing.
She was wrong.
I wanted it.

This picture is huge - it's almost four feet tall and over two feet wide. It's also heavy! The frame needs some wood epoxy (is that what the stuff is called?) and a bit of cleaning, but I can't imagine how much this must have cost new.
I have no idea who the artist is. I thought maybe Waterhouse, but I've yet to find a pic of it on any related website. Ah well, research is fun! I haven't found a signature on the actual print.


  1. That puppy will be done in no time!!!!

  2. Your mary wigham project is going to be wonderful on that fabric!