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Monday, October 19, 2009

I Have No Bananas Today

But I do have a finish!

'Though Far Apart' from Just Cross Stitch Jan/Feb '09 (boy, was I off with my last guess!)
Fabric - 14ct blue
Sorry about the picture quality; my computer has issues, which means my scanner has issues, which means the crappy camera was used. It washed out all the ecru. Those blank spots in the borders? Filled with ecru, and looks nice against the actually much darker blue fabric.
This is my brother's Christmas present - and I showed it to my parents, and both of them said, 'Don't you think that's a bit feminine for him?'
I thought that over. We grew up extremely rural - even when we moved, it was to somewhere else rural - and over half our schooling was done at home. So he was my buddy. My first steps were taken in order to follow him down the hall. When we played, Barbie married Optimus Prime (that's brotherly love for ya!) He may be a big, 6'5", 300+ lb tower of muscle, but - Y'know what, I don't care. I miss him, he was my best bud growing up, I had to frog the thing (if you stitch it, watch that top border. One of those colors only takes 4 stitches, not 5 like the rest) He's secretly a sentimental sap just like me, even if he does hide it by loving gory action films and football.
He's getting the feminine cross stitch.
I did, however, leave the really cute checkered heart button off. That would have been pushing it.


  1. I didn't think it was too feminine before and after reading your post I agree: he should have it! :-) Great job on the finish!

  2. Stick to your guns and give him your choice of gift! And it is a good one!