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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chivalry is Dead

I had run out of patterns for Missy's cute Sprites, but she helped me out by posting four that I had to stitch - two girls and two guys.

The guys insisted on going first. Hence the name of this post.

He-Man and Squall . They may be small, but they were huge amounts of fun to stitch :D


IHSW is this weekend! Yay! I plan to get Ice Wind out and work on her, since the new page came out and I haven't even finished the first yet. If you haven't signed up for International Hermit & Stitch Weekend, you should!

Did anyone have a blackout and wake up to find they had spent money at the HAED sale? It wasn't just me... was it? I only bought a little! I'll show you which next post.


  1. Oh, that's really cool, and they look great stitched! I wasn't sure about Squall at all while I was working on it, so it's a relief to see it worked like I imagined it would. I should be chattering about this on my blog, too, any day now!

    Also, good luck with your IHSW work! I'm going to make wussy stuff, so I admire your dedication!

  2. Can't wait to see your next update, and which HAEDs you bought. I bought Water by Terri Rosario. It's a lovely mermaid (with a slightly big butt, lol). The colors are gorgeous. I love your sprites too. They're always so cute. Grats on the two little finishes!!