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Friday, September 9, 2011

Sailing On

I dunno if you can see it too well, because it could really use its backstitching,


but my boat's sails are almost done.

I was going to wait until they were completely done before I posted a pic, but I'm gonna be gone a few days so I won't be posting.

I haven't decided if I'll take the boat or Rapture with me - I only really want to take two projects but I already have two... so it's gonna be three. I know, I know - stitching ADD.

I actually have Sunday off (wooooot!) and I have seen a few American stitcher's blogs posting about working on something patriotic for 9-11's anniversary. So I remembered something and went stash diving.

My father bought me this kit around the one year anniversary of 9-11, and at that time I would always open a new kit and do a few stitches so that it couldn't be returned (long story). Anyway, here's what was done

(ooo, amazing!)

I'm going to work on it this Sunday and see how much more I can get. I'd like to give it to Da someday, so it may go on my finish list for 2012.


  1. The boat you're working on looks really cool, and I think you can see the sails, if you look closely. The flag border is nice, but it looks like the ship is fun to work on.

  2. Sounds like a perfect candidate for the WIPacolypse. I don't happen to have the URL, but if you search for it, I'm sure Measi's blog will come up. Basically, you list the WIPs you want to work on next year (or new starts or RRs or SALs or whatever). Then you show progress pics on the new moons. It's gonna be fun. I hope you'll join us! I love that kit too. It's very pretty, and I may need to check it out. I can sort of see the sails, but all that white on white must have been killer!!

  3. That boat is going to look great when you're done backstitching. Yup, I can see the sails.... it's all nice and shiny. :D

    You dad will love the God Bless America design. :)