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Friday, September 16, 2011

Two of Four

I'm back from my little trip, so here's my little progress!


I did all the light red on the eagle - two shades of red left to go. I did all this on 9-11, which made me happy.

Last year, I stitched a bunch of wee one-dollar Christmas ornament kits. While going through my stash to sort out things for WIPocalypse (which if you haven't joined, you should, 'cause it sounds like major fun) I found two little kits flat against the back of a drawer. So I took both of them with me and finished one:


The other one I almost finished but I ran out of a color, which surprised me because despite the cheapness of these kits, that had never happened before. Then, this morning as we left, I found the extra strand of that color under the coffee table. I only had about ten-fifteen stitches of that color left to do, so I'll finish it up before I start my IHSW stitching (also something you should join if you haven't. Lots of fun!)

Speaking of IHSW, I will probably work on my boat, which I took with me but didn't stitch on. XD I worked on something else which I don't have a pic of yet, because it's still packed in my luggage.

More pics later!


  1. the bear is soo sute i love the idea but i have SOOO many on the go nothing would get finished lol

    i signed up for the first time for the IHSW too after seeing the link

  2. I can't wait to see your pics. I love the little ornie, and grats on your eagle progress as well. Enjoy your IHSW (and the WIPacolypse does sound like it's gonna be fun). I've signed up for both, lol.

  3. The bear is cutie! And at first the Eagle looked to me like a giean cupcake (with red glacing) XD But great progress on it!