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Monday, May 6, 2013

A Brand New SAL

I was totally a bad girl (because it means a new start) and joined the Bothy Cut-Thru SAL that's hosted by Linda and Debbie (click on their names for the SAL pages).

I always liked these - the whole series is super cute! - but I resisted.  When I saw them being stitched up though - my feeble, fragile self-control snapped.  I got me a kit and away I go!

I chose the Cut-Thru Princess Palace - this one:

 photo BOT-Ppalace_zps9c0ec34f.jpg

And here's my wee tiny start - a throne!

 photo ctpp1_zps06b41b17.jpg

And really, part of another throne - that bit of lonely brown at the top is the toilet seat, lol!  I started in the middle, instead of the top left, because... I'm not sure why.  To make a change?  I think I'll work my way up first - I want to stitch that gigantic frog in the bathroom.

I will be working on this on Mondays only, so it may take me a while - so absolutely no different than my other projects!  Once I finish this one up, I want to start the Lighthouse.  It's my favorite, but when I was looking for one to start, I couldn't find a place to buy it at a price I could justify spending my stash money on.  I found the chart really cheap on eBay last week, though, thanks to Linda's sharp eyes!  But it's on its way from Belgium, so who knows when I will actually get it?

I'll have a crochet update soon - and something really, really, REALLY cute to go with it!


  1. I love that chart. Can't wait to watch it progress:)

  2. What a great chart. Looking forward to your progress.

  3. Oh what a cute one, there are so many nice cut thru kits aren't they. I am mid way through the lighthouse, having done the camper in the past but in a fit of yellow at the minute doing the light rays! ! ! !

    Great progress, look forward to seeing more next week.


    cut thru lighthouse.

  4. What a cute project! I love it!

  5. That is so colourful it's going to be a lot of fun

  6. What a fantastic start, Tama! That's a great throne and I can't wait to see the frog!

    I added your pic to the SAL page:

  7. What a great start Tama. I love all these designs so much that its hard to pick a favorite. The throne looks great. I also added your pic to our SAL page.


  8. LOL!! Gives a whole new meaning to "Game of Thrones". I love this one if I had to choose a BOthy cut thru I would pick it too. But then again what else would a Crafty Princess choose?

    Great start, it's nice to start amongst the thick of it sometimes.
    xox Alicia

  9. I'm so glad you've joined us on this SAL. Love your chart you selected. Super cute. Great start. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
    love Annette

  10. Love it! It's looking great! Why not come and post a pic on the facebook group for the SAL?