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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Absolutely Nothing

I was working in my wee little garden the other day and slipped - you know how they say not to put your hands down to catch yourself?  Well, I did it anyway.  Hard to remember that in the split second it takes to hit the ground!

So I have a beautifully sprained wrist, on my dominant side.  So I have no stitching at all to update :C  And won't for a few days - it's getting better quickly because I'm babying it instead of stitching anyway.  I'm not very good at left-hand stitching and I end up holding the frame with my right which defeats the purpose, because ouch!

So I will show you guys some more stash!

HAED stash from the sales!  This sale (25% off until June 2nd)  I bought QS April Fairy

 photo fd2785c381649a163e66c0a556a60838image428x600_zps99cb387f.jpg

And last sale, I bought this pretty thing - Autumn Love:
 photo 0745b73d979f79bcf88da5affa8e6573image187x600_zps744a9797.jpg

I put a few on layaway, too, in the last sale because it was a bigger discount, but I won't say which until I pay them off.  I don't intend to do a layaway for this sale.

Here's some I didn't show from the last layaway (paid off, yay!)  At least, I don't think I ever showed these...

Rover's Cripple:
 photo roverscripple_zps48149421.jpg

QS Crabby Crush:
 photo CrabbyCrush_zpsea2247c5.jpg

 photo rapunzel_zps140c6f3c.jpg

I will be back as soon as I have something worth posting about - maybe in a day or so I can start stitching again!


  1. Lovely charts. Hope your wrist is better soon and you get back to your stitching again.

  2. I love those colourful girl kits!

    Last Nov. I slipped on the deck and came down hard on my knee but broke my fall with my left hand. It screwed up my elbow so bad that the pain didn't finally go away till a month ago and I still get a 'stinger' pain in my left forearm.

  3. You've bought some great charts :) Hope your wrist gets better soon so you can go back to stitching :)

  4. More great charts Tama. I am so sorry to hear about your wrist. I hope your able to work on the Palace today. Sending hugs and happy thoughts your way for a speedy recovery.


  5. Hope your wrist is feeling better soon! Great new stash!

  6. So sorry about your wrist. QS April Fairy is really cute!

  7. Eeep! I hope your wrist heals fast so you can get back to stitching!

    And such beautiful charts.

  8. Oh, so sorry about your hand. Hope you recover very soon. Great stash enhancement! Love the fox'es!

  9. I hope your wrist improves quickly. Lovely stash to drool over in the meantime