My Huge Work in Progress List!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Better Late Than Never?

I've been working so much more lately - every month it seems to increase.
And my stitching decreases.
So do my posts, apparently!

I am not at home right now, and wasn't yesterday either, so I can't post pics of the Turtle Trot pieces.  Guess I'll have to stick with words.  Not a thousand, though!

Mary Wigham - got a motif
Fred - got a chunk of backstitching
Wufei - got what you saw in the YOTA post
Angel of Grace aka Gracie - got yet more of her burgundy ribbon done
Archangel - has more skin.  I may go blind
Lovers - has what you saw in the IHSW post
Gettysburg - I stitched a whole stripe of white! lol!

I don't remember if I got anything worth mentioning done on any other Turtle project.

I do, however, have my Bothy piece and my camera with me where I am currently staying, so here is a wee little progress:

 photo cupp2_zpsee9e3405.jpg

Anyone for champagne?


  1. I love seeing this design grow. Great progress. Seems you did get lots accomplished from reading your list. Had a good laugh about the Archangel notes.
    love Annette

  2. I've just started a new cross stitch b/c your posts inspired me!

  3. Tama, your Princess Palace is coming right along. Great progress this week! I added your pic to the SAL page:

    It sounds like you've done a lot on your Turtle Trot pieces this month. I hope to see more pics next month!

  4. Sounds like you made great progress on your Turtle Trot pieces Tama.
    The Palace is looking good. Another one I want to start now. lol They are so much fun to stitch on. Will these be your new obsession instead of the HAED's.


  5. First thought at the sight of the wip: Peanut butter jelly time! Lol, it's just this throne reminded me so of that banana XD
    Lol, not serious.. wip is looking great and nice progress on the Turtle Trot :)