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Monday, February 3, 2014

A Cat for a Cat

I'm late with the final projects!  I worked all day, every day the last few days so they're a bit skimpy!

I mentioned last year that I started HAEDs Guardian Angel - this lovely thing:

I left it at my Mother's house and it sort of disappeared - no one could find it but last week it turned up shoved in the corner of a closet - I had it in a cloth project bag and someone in my family (no one will 'fess up!*) spilled coffee or chocolate milk or something all down the side.  Then they hid it.  The floss is fine because it was in a ziploc bag, and the pattern was only a few pages of a working copy, but the fabric is very, very stained so I will be washing and dyeing it!  I had barely started it, so I wasn't all that upset.

So anyway, since I can't find Snowing, I thought I would restart it and maybe it could take Snowing's place.  So here's project #29 - Guardian Angel restarted:

Then I thought of a better replacement - poor, poor, poor neglected Frederick!  I will be putting him in the Turtle-Trot, and if Snowing turns up before he's finished, I'll put it back in.  If not, Guardian Angel will go in.  Here's Fred's progress, for project #30!

I backstitched the rest of 'Puss in Boots', then 'The Three Mouseketeers' (it's a little flashburned), 'Nine Lives', and most of the bird.  Only his legs to go!  I also started the gold/metallic blend stitches on the big green book.  The top shelf is very close to done!

And finally, project #31!  I started 'Mai' by Dimensions

I don't know how well the tan half stitches showed up, but they are there!  Not easy to stitch without my lamp (I started her at work)  She's destined for my bedroom wall, someday!  I have lots of Oriental-style kits and I want a few of them done soon!  Maybe I can get her done this year.

* - I kinda think it was a young member of the family, who thought they'd get yelled at.


  1. Maybe thats where Snowing is hiding. Congrats on making it to 31. I so love all the projects that your working on.


  2. Fantastic projects! I was thinking of starting Mai sometime this year- have to finish the samurai first I think :-)

  3. Great work.

    Sure seems like something a young member would do.

  4. I was working on a Seahawks pattern when my computer died and I'm working from a photo. So I started a covered bridge till my laptop was fixed (quickly too, I might add).