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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Still Playing with String

I've been hunting through my craft room, because I absolutely cannot find 'Snowing'.  I don't know what I've done with it, at all!  I know I didn't take it anywhere because it was too small and fiddly - I need my lamp and all my gadgets when I work on it!  But it has vanished.  I'm going to have to replace it in the Turtle Trot, at least until I find it.  Then I may switch back, or put it on the waiting list.

Anyway, while digging though ancient project bags, I found one with some specialty yarn in it - a very fuzzy green and black that is supposed to be self-patterning.  I made a very interesting crocheted hat with it a few years ago and I apparently had decided to use the little that was left for a small scarf.  In the interest of finishing things up, I got it out and did some more rows.  I'm not much of a knitter, but this is just garter stitch.

It has no pattern at all yet, but it should soon.  I think this will be a quick finish, and I can use it; it is really cold here!!!  We've been spoiled by some recent mild winters but this one is a doozy!  Not a whole lot of snow, but it's so cold... brr!

Anyway - that's project #27 (the kumihimo braid is #26).

For #28, I got out my brother-in-law's Christmas present - yes, totally didn't finish it! What else is new?  Anyway, it's a 'Kittens in a Row' afghan, and I was going to start with black, shade up through two or three colors of grey to white, and then shade back down to black.  But my sibling asked me not to - they are decorating their first house in Natural shades, I was informed.  This, from two skinny Goth kids who wear almost all black, have too many piercings to count, and shred their new clothes to make them more interesting!  But I was happy to agree.  They requested that each set of 'kittens' be in a different color, ones that cats might actually be.  So here it is:

And today!  #29 - I finished up the last of the puzzles!  No pieces missing, woo hooooooo!

I thought I would immediately be offering these for sale or trade, but they've all been kidnapped by my Mum - she wants to work the rest.  She's really fast, though, so I'll be offering them soon!

For tomorrow I'll be getting out whatever takes Snowing's place.  Whatever shall it be?  I have no idea!  Only two projects to go, though!


  1. More great projects Tama. That picture is in a bag where you don't expect it to be. You'll find it.


  2. You sure are busy! Loved that afgan! Really does look like kittens!

  3. I Love the "cat" afghan! Where can I get that pattern?

    Looking forward to the progress on the scarf!