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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Puppy Progresses

Hi guys!

Thanks for the comments on the last post :D
I've got some more done on the puppy - all the white is now stitched, and more of one shade of brown. I hope you can see the progress; the white goes down each leg and tops the bit of paw to the right and the tail to the left.

My fabric for Mary Wigham probably won't be here until Monday or Tuesday, so I'm going to try and finish up the light brown - all the other browns are blends.

Dani - I was thinking that very thing when I decided to try this! I've been very careful counting - lol, and recounting because I'm paranoid! - but so far everything is matching up nicely. Much relief! I think it's because this pattern doesn't have a huge amount of color changes - it was prolly the best I could have chosen to try stitching this way!


  1. I love stitching this way because its like watching a puzzle being put together. Often I won't count beyond about 10 stitches or so to continue with a colour. If its too much to count that's when I make counting errors, I just pick another colour and come back to it.