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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Comes But Once A Year - Thank God

I forgot to post any December Goals!
these are all Christmas related.

1. Finish four 'Armor' hats (this is what my brother-in-law calls the crocheted hats with the ears and neck flaps; he thinks they look like the chain-metal that went under knights' helmets)
2. Get my sister to come and pick two for my BIL, then decide which one my Da gets & which my brother gets (this is actually a very important goal, lol!)
3. Finish a shawl for Mum or a hood if that's what she decides she wants
4. Knit a hat for my sister
5. Finish 'Mother's Tree' for my Gran
6. Finish afghan for my nephew (so very close!)
7. Make a scarf/hat set for my SIL

Not really that bad - I've already made 2 Armor hats, they just need the ends woven in. And my sister's hat is started. The shawl and 'Mother's Tree' are the only ones that may stress me out.

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