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Monday, December 14, 2009

In serious need of ironing!

But it's done!

'Mother's Tree' by Lavender & Lace
I wrote down my time but haven't added it up yet. It's 16x20 inches. (or thereabouts)

I backstitched the 'mother of ' in order to make it fit in the frame - my gran bought some frames a few years ago and redid all her large pictures to match. She had a few left over and a relative helped me snitch one :D So it will match all her other pics, I just had to play around with the spacing. It looks slightly off-center but that's just my camera angle.

This has been a main focus piece since October... I have no idea what to work on now... O__o Maybe Fred will get some love this year after all?

I also made hats!


Here's one on a (slightly too small 'cause she's bald) mannequin head.


I made one of these for my BIL last year and this year it was requested I make several more, lol! I may have one more to go; I have to ask my Mum if my Da will wear any of these!

Only three gifties to go! Two lil' neck scarf-things and one (gulp) knitted hat.

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  1. Congrats on finishing it, Tama. It looks great!

    Those are wonderful and bright hats you've made. Great job.