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Monday, May 30, 2011

Fred's Shelf

I worked on Frederick the Literate this week, and got his bottom shelf even to the amount of books I've finished.
I really hate working on the shelves; it's why this project has continually been put away for years. This time, though, I'm determined to get him done. I at least want one of the big projects in the Challenges done!
I also started another book on the top shelf but very little is done on it so far. The shelves are not really wavy, of course, he just needs some serious ironing.


...and now that I have posted that picture, I can see some not-quite finished stitches on that bottom shelf...

Here's another little finish; I can't remember which number this stocking is but I like it :D
It looks very old-world to me.


Is blogger having issues for anyone else? I can't post comments on blogs unless they are set to the pop-up window option, unless I'm willing to be called 'annonymous' and I can't edit posts without going the long way 'round on the dashboard. It's highly annoying.


  1. That stocking looks really nice! I like how the different stitches make the pattern- I haven't seen a cross stitch quite like it before. The Fredrick the Literate is spiffy, too.

    As for the comments, I've heard that complaint a lot, so I just switched to pop up windows. No one had complained to me about it, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right?

  2. Blogger is having all kinds of issues. Apparently, there were bugs with the last maintenance. Followers are disappearing, and the follow button goes with them. People can't post text or photos. Comments are all messed up. From what I've heard, they're working on it. I hope it's not too bad for you!

  3. Yes, blogger is giving us all fits. I did post on my blog to warn everyone to change to the pop-up comment form until Blogger gets it fixed.

    When making a comment on embedded forms you can try choosing the google profile and when it asks for your username/password UNCHECK the "Stay Signed In" box. That sometimes works for me