My Huge Work in Progress List!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Little Deformed Animals

I stitched another!


Actually, this kitty is not as bad as she could be - I changed her face (and I'm considering frogging it and changing it again).
I just think it could be better, but the original chart had her mouth and nose firmly positioned beneath the left-side eye.

I added a book to Fred's shelf, all except for the blending-filaments bit. I save those up until I have several books in need of it. It's too annoying to waste my patience on just a few stitches.


The blue one is on his top shelf - one more small book and I'll be ready to start stitching Fred's back-half.
I'm going to stitch some of his top border shelf first, though, then go back to Rapture for a while - after I stitch a Sprite! I'm going into withdrawal :D



  1. The kitty finish is such a cutie! Good progress made on the Fred's shelf.

  2. The kitty is so cute!
    I'm glad Fred is going to have his back half soon!

  3. Good work on both pieces. Your kitty finish is too cute. I'm ready to start Fred when he comes up in my rotation (which won't be anytime soon, lol). He's so cute!!