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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lots to Talk About

I have lots of things going on with my stitching - but it would be a really pic-heavy post if I wrote about all of it today. So I'll spread it out, but I did want to post something on the first day of October :D

I chose Rapture. I've been working on filling in the top row of 10x10 squares - it's almost all confetti - and adding stitches to the second row if I happen to have that thread in my needle.


The strategy is working. Well, a little. I have goals for October, and one of them is to finish off the top two rows of this page. Little goals are easier to meet XD

The Juliet dress is continuing on very well. The Goth Chick tried it on a few days ago, when we were both at our parents' house and I needed to see if the waist was long enough for her. She immediately pulled the shoulders down too far, but says she prefers it that way when I offered to tighten it a bit by adding another row or two. It looks good on her.


Do you guys like her dreads? They're not 100% years-to-grow real, but it takes her hours and hours and hours upon hours to do this to her hair.


She cut them all off yesterday! It was a little bit shocking to see her with shoulder-length hair. She said she was cold without them - I think she was wearing two shirts and a jacket.

I'll finish off this post with a bit more stitching - my experiment with green fabric for a stocking ornament.


So far, so good.

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  1. Rapture looks good =) I try to do the 10x10-block-stitching-thing from time to time but in the end, I always end up going cross country... One day I will stick to that!!

    Juliet dress looks good, I'm sure your friend will love it.
    When I first saw her dreads, before reading the matching text, I though "Wow, those are long dreads, it must have taken ages to grow them!" I know some people who have dreads, too, and I mean, when you make them, you hair just loses some length, so I tried to imagine how long her hair would be without the dreads. That would be pretty long.
    The upper part of her hair is black, was this her "natural" hair?
    The point about dreads is, in my eyes, that you can not simple undo them when you hade them for some time. I guess in the first months you can try and comb them out, but after years... No way but to cut them out =(
    But I am sure that she will get used to her short hair =) It will grow again

    Huh, such a long comment... I got carried away... ;-)

    What a cute snowman, by the way