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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Totally Skipped Poor Fred

At work yesterday, I finished up the Eagle's current color:


So that's it for its turn in the rotation.  Next time I plan to do a shade of grey.

Frederick the Literate should have been next, but he was at home and my lunch break wasn't long enough to go get him (I was at the new site).  I did, however, have my PM Brave project with me.  So out he came.

And now looks like this - I was almost far enough along to backstitch his torso.  I decided I'll just stick with him for awhile - his rotation turn is in hours, not getting a color done.  So Fred's turn kinda got left behind.  Sorry, lil' kitty!

I've also finished up the last three Avengers Sprites - Hawkeye, Nick Fury, and the Hulk.

I need to bug Missy for Coulson and Bruce Banner, lol!

Mum's afghan is giving me some issues - it's making my pinky fingers go numb when I work on it.  This happened once before when I tried to stitch an Apache Tears afghan.  It's all the single crochets - I don't know if it's just the way they're made or the fact that I honestly don't care for them, but my tension is tighter when I work them and it affects my hands.  So I'm forced to take a break for a few days to let them rest.

Which is annoying, 'cause despite the singles, I'm enjoying this.  The pattern was easy to memorize, but is just enough to keep my attention focused so that I count just right.  Here's where I am:


Not too much like a scarf any more - bonus!  This is 27 repeats and I need... um, a lot more! 126 total, I think.  So 99 more?

Here's the back, just for interest - it will almost be reversible   That'll be fun.  My Da has a bad habit of turning afghans 'round the wrong way when he 'fixes' them on the bed or chair!



  1. All of your stitching looks great! The eagle is going to be super-impressive, and the afghan looks so nice and warm. I love the color choice, too! As for the Avengers, I don't really need bugged on that front- I'll do charts for both of them, plus at least one extra character that I have in mind right now- within the next week or two. ^^

  2. Wow, that afghan is gonna be so awesome. Learning to crochet / knit is on my to do list but I think maybe this pattern would make me go blind, ahaha~

    For some reason, Eagle currently looks like an Americana angel - red skirt, brown angel wings ... shouting beams of joy down upon the masses. I might be tired. XD

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I love the afghan!

  4. I'm sure Fred wouldn't mind, seeing how cute Brave is. :D

    The afghan looks great, and that's so cool that it can be reversible! :D