My Huge Work in Progress List!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Busy, Busy

I've been a wee bit busy this week - every single day at work!

Usually I have Monday-Wednesday pretty much free, but not this time.

Still - I had time to finish this:


And my Mum was helping me out with housework before the phone guy came to fix my lines, and found this:


I'm quite sure that several of you were actually able to hear my shriek of delight!

(She's not on lined fabric, by the way, just laying on a notebook for her photo-op)

Finished up the first shade of grey on the Eagle (blurry, sorry!)


I've already started the next shade - more red.  No pic yet, but I'm over halfway done.

No start on the next PM yet - I keep leaving the pattern.

Mum's afghan has increased some, but I'll not post a pic.  It looks the same, just bigger :D  Next post I'll try for a picture.

One other little project - I was at work without any stitching after finishing the Birdhouse Stocking, so I started the little butterfly kit I posted a pic of recently.  I'm not showing it yet, though - I decided to be silly and take a pic of each color being finished, then post them all at once.  I have no idea why!


  1. The ornaments are really pretty, and the eagle is still looking great! You've gotten so much done!

  2. You know, I think I did hear a delighted shriek at some point! YAY ON FINDING HER :D

    Yup, still a brown-winged angel with a red striped skirt. :D It's fun watching this come to life!

  3. Nice work! Your America is coming along well too. :)

  4. Yeah for finding the missing ornament. I love those little ones. Can you tell me the name of them. Great progress on the eagle. Do you always stitch one color at a time? Is it easier or just the way you like to stitch?


  5. Gorgeous stitching. glad you found the missing ornament!