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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Updates - Finish and Stash! (lotsa pics)

I finished the PM Brave... hmm, either Saturday night or Sunday night.  I forget which!  But I've been too busy to post until today.

Isn't he cute?

Here he is with the girl - they need the names added under them, then they'll be cut apart (poor things!) because I want the canoe between them and also I want them to turn toward each other instead of having their backs to each other.

I'm back to working on the eagle, but there isn't a lot of the next shade I chose, so I'll be starting the two in the canoe (ooooo, rhyming!) soon.

I've also started the next Stocking, and since I'm posting today, I'll give you a shot of where it's at right now. I just started it yesterday at work and it's going really fast!

No, I started it Monday at work because yesterday I went to JoAnn's for the big sale!  I had the day off, and it's far enough away that it is a day-long trip.  We also went grocery shopping to save a trip, but more about that in a few.

Here's one thing I got - I wanted kits but since I couldn't use my coupons on them (they were on sale at a whole 10% off - I think they were cheating so I couldn't buy them with coupons!), I directed my attention to the McCall's patterns that were 10 for $10.  There was a limit of 10 per customer, but Mum was with me and she got some for me.  They didn't have all 20 of the ones I wanted in stock, so here's the 16 I did get.

I love making costumes.  Most of these will challenge my skills but I don't care :D  I've got a detailed sewing plan that starts in January, when it's so cold and the roads are so icy that I have to turn down the offer of extra work because I don't have a four-wheel drive to get over the mountain.  I'll show pics when I start!

Since the kits were a bust, I focused on floss and got all of Night Hunter and Mosslord kitted up.  I won't bother with a pic - it was a big pile of mostly greys, black, dark browns and dark blues. I did spend enough for the 30% off card and I plan to go back on the 25th or 26th to kit up some more HAEDs!

We stopped at WalMart to get some grocery shopping done - and I nearly fell over!  It was 2002 the last time I saw any cross stitch stuff at our WalMart - yet, lo and behold! - a whole quarter aisle!  With DMC!!! Not every color, of course, but I got some greys that had empty bins at JoAnn's, and next time I'll know to stop off at WalMart first!

Also, I do like to take tiny kits along in my purse - I was out of them and right now the stockings are taking their place, but eventually those will be done.  I couldn't bring myself to buy them for $3 like at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's, but I grabbed five at WalMart for 99cents each! Yay!


I got my UFO kit in the mail really fast, but I'll bore you guys with a pic of that next time :D  Also, there was a payday!  That meant more Random Generator picks of WS-n-B patterns!

This time's winners:


Candle Light

Lastly - no update of the afghan.  I've left it alone all week, but I plan to work on it tomorrow evening after I get back from the dentist, and hopefully my hands will be fine!


  1. Wow, nice stash, great progress on your stitching, and love the costume choices!

  2. I didn't know that you could use a coupon on the kits until last week when I finally decided to try it at the register. I was thrilled that it worked! I bought a Cinderella kit by Thomas Kinkade for half off. :D

    I love your stash! I knew that Walmart brought their sewing center back, but I didn't know that cross stitching was there too. Now I have a reason to go shopping soon!

    Those patterns look amazing!! I CAN'T wait to see you work on them!!

    Those kitties are adorable!

    I just realized how long my comment is. ;D


  3. Excellent stash acquisitions! I recently got a Simplicity pattern at Jo Ann's when those were on sale of a steam punk costume. I've never tried to make one myself but I love dressing up for Halloween so it'll be an adventure for sure! Great finish on the PM Brave too, they both look so cute :-)

  4. Wow Tama. Where to start. I love the new charts you got. All those costume patterns are gorgeous. Who are you making them for? Congrats on the finish. It turned out great and cute new start. Cute new kits. I mentioned before, that I have hundreds and hundreds of kits that I would like to sell. Tell me what your interested in and I probably have it. I have tons of the little ornaments, kitchen magnets, etc that WM sold years ago.

    Just let me know. Linda

  5. Oh gosh -- Hunting is the cutest thing ever!!

    I'm still waiting for our Wal-Mart to bring back the stitchy love. I had heard it was only going to happen to those that had the section before (so none of the new ones will get it?) but our tiny store might not get it back. :(

    All your kits and patterns are awesome and the lil' Brave turned out great!

  6. YAY!!!! Brave is darling!!!! :D

    Nice stash and so cheap from Wal Mart!!