My Huge Work in Progress List!


Monday, October 22, 2012

IHSW - October (Late!)

I didn't get to work on Lovers much - I was hoping for today off for some catch-up but it didn't work out.
So I only got about half his hair done - I had grand visions of his hair and face both being complete.  I totally should have known better - lol!



  1. The colors in this piece are so pretty, and I'm sure you'll have his hair done in no time, too! Good luck as you keep on with it!

  2. Looks good. Somehow our expectations always get ahead of our fingers.

  3. Eh he doesn't need hair. Or a face. He's handsome as-is, LOL! Progress is progress~

  4. Every little bit helps -- he's coming along nicely

  5. Progress is progress =)
    Your lovers look lovely =)

  6. Looks good, Tama. The great thing about grand visions are they carry forward to the next month. ;)

  7. Firstly I am sooo sorry I have been offline for a while due to family problems and have got back online properly and i have been going through blogger and saw a comment that you made on the blog naming the chart I was stitching, I have to apologise that i have not seen it till now as you did in fact name it correctly so you did win a chart off me.

    you can have any chart you like from the website and just comment on my bog( promise i will see it this time!) or message me through the website,
    really sorry about that, not been with it having teenagers i am finding is no fun at all!!

    also you did more at Lovers than i did i didnt like how it was turning out, think it was because i was tenting so i have put it away, probably for good knowing me but you never know :)