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Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Hiccup

Well, I paid off my other layaway at HAED on Friday, but my patterns still aren't available for download.

This happened once before - my payment notifications just seem to get lost, lol!

Also I haven't had much time to stitch BUT I've finished another stocking and another little kit.  I'll show them to you guys as soon as I remember to buy batteries for my camera.  Amazing how easy it is to forget that XD

Until I can show off more, here are two patterns that were gifted to me - by the person who wants these stitched for them... hmm... maybe it's a hint?

Hidden Treasures

QS Sweet Selena

She bought them on the last day of the sale.  She has about six (SIX!) more that she wants but I said if she buys them, I'll get around to stitching them someday, lol!  It all started when I showed her QS Fragile Heart that I got in the last Freebie SAL.  She's on the list, too.  So I'm going to start one of these Hannah Lynn's in January - I have no idea which one, though.  And none of them are kitted yet.  I also have one more in the layaway that I'm waiting to download.  Sheesh!  Maybe I'll try a poll?

EDIT:  Also, I got one more WS&B pattern this payday - so many HAEDS; I thought I'd better not get two even though they're quite cheap.



  1. I love all the patterns you've gotten recently/been gifted! It'll be fun to watch you stitch them, although tough to decide which one to start first I'm sure! :-)

  2. Lovely patterns. Happy Stitching!! :)

  3. Wow, such beautiful new patterns =)
    I'm looking forward to see them stitched =)

  4. Wow Tama. All those new charts are gorgeous. Hard to pick just one.


  5. Great new stash additions, now find the time to start / finish them! :D