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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Completely Can't Decide

The 2013 Freebie SAL from the HAED Bulletin Board has the pictures up - here are the choices:

QS Heather

QS Literate Dragon

QS Theatre of the Absurd

QS Mystic Garden

QS Nostalgy

and  SK Trick or Treat

The SK I'm not going to do, as I'd actually like to do the whole picture of that one someday, and an SK that complicated usually comes out looking - not so good, in my opinion.

However, that leaves the other five - and only Heather is kinda eliminated - I started to pick her, because she's on the 'list' that I was given, but when I showed the QS to the person wanting them, they objected, because Heather is on their list specifically for the green dress.

Mystic Garden & the Theatre I like, but I also like the big versions.  Either way would be okay - I think, because I can't really tell what the rest of the Theatre looks like in the preview - the pic is too small on the HAED site.

QS Literate Dragon - I like.  However, I can't find the large version to see what else it may have.  Anyone know where it is or why I can't find it?

and finally, Nostalgy.  She's a Dahlig.  I love Dahligs!  She's also not a very popular choice for some reason, which means the forum for her won't be as crowded... a bonus in my opinion.  And the Goth Chick would adore her.

But I really just can't decide.  And the rules are different - instead of posting so many WIP pics and getting all the other patterns because of it, this year its - earn the pattern of your choice for every 1/2 page you stitch of your original choice.  I'm SLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOW!  I don't know if I could keep up, lol!

What to do, what to do?


  1. I only liked Heather, Trick or Treat and Literate Dragon. But I want to rather do Heather and TOT in full version and Literate Dragon is how I picture my husband when he is older, so the choice was easy for me.

  2. I had a hard choice, too.
    I didn't pick Trick or Treat for the same reason you did, even tough I just love the little lady =)
    Fortunately Theatre of the Absurd just called to me ;-)

    I can't find Literate Dragon on the Haed Site, but it's on Randal Spangler's page. I googled "Spangler Literate Dragon" and found it pretty soon.

  3. The Trick or Treat is very nice. Happy Stitching to you!! :)

  4. Great choice. Also i mentioned you my blog

  5. Yes you can! I singed up for Mystic Garden. I love the big picture too and I will stitch it later. I will do Mystic Garden on 18 ct so it will go faster and the Peacock Garden (the big picture) I will stitch on 22ct (I do not do 25ct any more). Come on! Sign up! Just pic the one you like the most, finish it and all the rest will be free!

  6. Found it!