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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nostlagy's Hair

It's done, at least on the first page.

 photo nost4_zpsf7392274.jpg

I even got a little tiny bit of the next page.

Onward! to the rest of the hair : D

By the way, remember my little adopted plant, Patty?

She's feeling much better!  (and apparently reaching for something...)
 photo patty2_zps65b0f439.jpg
I think it's sort of neat that her newer leaves are very shiny compared to her older leaves.  I don't know if they'll change or not, but I like them.

Some more HAEDS - these two are sort of a set.

Sessler's Companions: Friendship
 photo friendship_zpsc39cfde4.jpg

and Companions: Trust
 photo trust_zps7370227b.jpg

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  1. Great progress Tama. Patty is looking very happy. Two more great HAED's.