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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Did You Hear That Scream...?!

It was my future paydays!

HAED is having a 50% off sale, so I put a couple of patterns on layaway.

A couple.

I swear, just a couple!!!

Like, ten?  That's a couple, right?  Couple of fives is still a couple!

I only bought one outright.

'Tournee du Chat Noir' by Leslie Anne Ivory

Couldn't resist!  And when my sibling sees it, they will DEMAND it be done and hanging in their house immediately.

At which point I will laugh.  A lot.

I haven't bought a new HAED since I got 'Unspoken' with some gift money, so my self-control was shot.  Even though I have more HAEDs than I could ever possibly stitch, I went clicking 'add to cart' like a madwoman.

Don't regret it, though.  Not one little bit.


  1. Hey I went a little nuts on the 123 Stitch site recently and I have even more on my wish list.

  2. Good for you Tama. We all need more stash than we can ever stitch. That way we have a choice. Love the chart you got.


  3. I have always been hesitating trying the HAED challenge but now let me try buying one. Thanks for the info! Your chart is nice!

  4. I saw that sale last night, and I think my clicks finger will be getting a work out a little later today!! I love the Chat Noir piece!

  5. Ten is such a small number; of course you had to get them when they're on sale! What kind of stitcher would you be if you didn't? Enjoy your new goodies :-)

  6. Oh I saw the sale too. My self control is going out the window. Lol.
    Love your new stash. :-)

  7. Ahhh this one has been on my wishlist since I first discovered HAED, I will enjoy seeing this one grow - whenever that may be!

  8. What a great design ;-) The pink colors and the flowers look like they will be a lot of fun to stitch!

  9. I was going through HaED and saw the sale as well, drats. I hope this is a once a year thing and I can just hide until it's over? Right...? :D Congrats(????) on your new stash(es) ahaha.