My Huge Work in Progress List!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

The First Turtle Trot Post

After a lot of planning and re-planning, here's my Turtle-Trot choices and what I have done on them so far!  Most I have not gotten to as of yet.

1. Chang Wufei - a pattern I made in PC Stitch.  I've not touched him yet; he's the same as he was last April:

2. Frederick the Literate - a Dimensions kit; he still only needs his backstitching.  Haven't touched him since April, either.

3. Snowing - a pattern from the old Witch Stitch and Bits site.  I'm not sure if this kitty is on the new Witchykitt site or not.  He looks just like my darling Audio except Audio had a white tip to his tail.  I plan to adjust when I reach his tail so he's a match.  I haven't touched him in almost two years.  (Last year, I had misplaced him.)

4. Yarr - a HAED.  Started last January, and another victim of my cross-stitch hiatus that began in April '14.

5. Princess Palace - a kit by Bothy Threads.  Yet another April victim, and not touched since then.

6.  Mary Wigham - this used to be a freebie pattern.  I don't know where to get it now.  Also not stitched on since April.  My goal for this month is to pull out the invisible motif and restitch it.

7. 30 Tiny Christmas Stockings - a Bucilla kit.  You can see the ones I've stitched if you click on my 'Christmas' tag.  This one I did work on some - I finished off one stocking and started another!  I also finished one last year that I don't think was ever posted. So I have three left to go, or two and a half, I guess.

Last years:


Newly started:

8. QS Lovers - this was a HAED Freebie SAL piece, you can't buy it like this.  Also, the artist retired and you can't buy the big version, either.  I will be working on this one during the IHSW weekend so it has had no love yet.

9. I was going to work on a little kit called 'Oops' but I think I'm going to have to condense my SALs a bit due to longer hours at work.  So 'Unspoken' will be number 9.  I started it January 1st.  'Oops' will replace the Stockings kit when I finish those off.  He's had a bit more than this done, but I'm saving it for the SAL post at the end of the month.

10. Great Light - I have a bunch of these 5x7 Christmas kits - I used to finish one a year so that's the goal for this one.  I'm stitching in one color at a time.  I did the grey stitching a while back, I've worked on the first shade of blue this month.  It's not done yet.

I took a crooked, dark picture.  I need to quit waiting until the last minute to take pictures!!!

And that's that for the Turtle Trot!  Next month will be some progress, I hope!


  1. I have never tried to work on more than one at the same time. I should give that a try.

    1. It's LOADS of fun but can lead to a gigantic Work in Progress list :D

  2. What gorgeous projects! That Pirate could cure seasickness! I look forward to seeing more of these in 2015.

  3. I'm looking forward to watching your progress on all these lovely projects!! I love that HAED piece that's no longer available! Gorgeous!

  4. Great pieces. Love your stitching, progress looking good.

  5. Lovely choices again for the SAL

  6. Lots of great pieces you've got there. I love that cat in the snowstorm--he looks so pleased with himself!

  7. Lots of big pieces. The Snowy cat is too cute.

  8. Great selection of pieces to stitch on. Stunning job on designing the Chang Wufei piece.

  9. Great projects. myfavorites are the Lovers and the snowy cat. I've never worked on so many at a time. It seems like a lot of people do. I only have my HAED and keep a small one for on the go work.

  10. Wow, that is a lot of great projects! Good luck on all of them. I see you hope to finish some as well. That's my goal this year too.