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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Like Stumbling

This is supposed to be Olympic-Sprinting style stitching... I fail.

Here's 'Warm Hearts' so far - almost done:

And here's a stocking ornament, maybe halfway:

And One-Eyed Chibi-Severus, not even halfway:

I also started the sprite of Loki, got his outline almost done, then realized I'd grabbed a skein of 939 instead of 310.  So I had to pull it all out.  God of Mischief... I should have known it was going too easy!

It might help if I did one at a time?  Nah... where's the fun in that? LOL!


  1. When I was stitching the Avengers, I made the exact same mistake with the Hulk! I think the whole thing was definitely cursed by Loki. Then again, I made him with Perlers, too, and had no problems at all, so the Norse gods must prefer plastic to embroidery floss...

    Your Christmas stitching looks really good so far- that snowman is in nifty colors- and Snape is already recognizable! I think it's totally the hair.

  2. All your projects look awesome! The snowman and Severus are especially cute right now too, haha! Of course Loki has to act up- it would have been too easy otherwise. And I agree that it is way more fun to have many projects to work on at once :-) Good luck with your goals, the Olympics aren't over yet!

  3. You're doing a sprint relay that's what :D