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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HAED Closing?!


I've seen on a lot of blogs in the last day or two that HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) is considering closing down because of copyright infringement, although I haven't seen any notice on the actual site.

That's horrible, because even though I own waaaaaaaaaaaay too many of those patterns, there are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many more that I want!  Even scraping my list down to the minimum, there are about thirty (yikes!)  Mostly Marta Dahlig, Adele Sessler, and Laura Prindle.

So a lot of people are getting together for a HAED appreciation week - it's on facebook, which I don't have, so I just decided that, even though I have quite a few HAEDs on layaway right now, that I'd go and get one more just to help out a bit, just in case!!!

I've also been seeing this girl on a lot of blogs, and my sis the Goth Chick really likes her, oddly enough.  So even though she's not really my usual, I bought Hannah Lynn's QS Clara:


I won't be starting her until next year at the soonest, but I wanted to show some support!

PS - Although I don't know if there will be a Freebie SAL in 2013 if the site were to close, now is a good time to sign up at the HAED Bulletin Board (the link is on the main page of the HAED site) so you can join if there is one!  They close down taking in new members on the BB just before the sign-up is posted, and I think it was in late September or early October the first time I joined, so there's no telling when it may be this year.


  1. I keep seeing Clara on all sorts of blogs. She's not my typical style, but the more I see her, the more I like her! And from what I hear, HAED isn't necessarily closing, but there are struggles going on right now and support is needed so they don't have to go down the path of closing...

  2. I would think she got permission to use the images from different artists....she does have a legal disclaimer stating she does. There are many cross stitch sites that steal artists work for their own profit and that is wrong! If she has the right contract paperwork --patterns won't be coming down.

  3. I'm one of the many that's doing Clara, and she's lovely to stitch.

    As far as the HAED goes, yes they are suffering from copyright infringement but I don't think they're as close to closing as is going round at the moment, I think a comment was taken a little out of context and panic happened, I could be wrong though

  4. Michele has said that to me privately, as well, Tama. She gave it six months, and it's been five, so they're hanging on, but barely. I'm so glad you wanted to help out!! And your Snape is too cute, lol. (I know, he's not supposed to be, but he is. Cute!) Great job, and grats on the finish!