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Monday, August 27, 2012

Chibi-Style Severus Snape

Serious warning - Beware the Cute!


Despite the errors in the pattern - I've since learned that the one on the designer's blog is updated from the one I have - and the weird skin tones - also corrected, I've been told - I think he turned out adorable!

This pattern is from a site called Hazel's Farm, that I seem to have lost the link to but I'll post it when I find it - I have it saved in my old bookmarks but there are a lot of those!  There are many more Harry Potter Chibis there, although none of the truly bad guys are among them. (Too bad, 'cause I think a Chibi Lucius Malfoy would be adorable, too!)  I don't know if I'll stitch any more of them or not, though I wouldn't be surprised because I have an OCD thing about sets.  And I like Sirius Black.  If you go looking for it, the site is in French and the HP Chibis are pretty far back.

Onward, onward!  Must finish more thiiiiings!!!


  1. Awww thw cutenesss!!! XD So so adorable!!! And lol, chibi Lucius? This might actually work!

  2. I like Ron's mom too!! :) I totally liked her outfit! You should stitch them and make into a quilt!! :) I just figured out this past week end that Tonks is in game of thrones. I'm totally surprised I missed that one!

  3. This is brilliant !!!!!


  4. That looks really good- I really think that the eyeballs add a lot to the overall look. XD Congrats on finishing him!

  5. Congrats on the finish Tama. He is cute. What are you doing with all of them?


  6. So cute!! Although not nearly greasy enough to be Snape, LOL. I hope you can find the site; I'd love to see the other patterns too! :D