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Friday, February 15, 2013

A Random HAED

I completely forgot that I was going to show one HAED from my layaways in each of my posts until they were done - so instead I'm going to show one off randomly for now.

Because I don't want to put one in the IHSW post.

So this is the next of Sessler's Masquerade series:

'Allis Vanity'
 photo MasqueradeAllisVanity_zps23b423b4.jpg
It's one of the older ones, as you can see by the much smaller picture.  I particularly like this fellow for the peacocks in the corners.  His elaborate feathered mask is a thing of beauty, too.

I love this series.  'Bluebird' is the only one in color - wouldn't they be awesome all done and framed with Bluebird in the center, and the others in a sort of circle around him?  Except I don't have a wall that big.

Also, it will take years to get them all done.  Since there are nine of them.  But I'm not really worried about that - obviously!


  1. Another great design Tama.


  2. Beuatiful piece. Good Luck and happy stitching with the nine!! :)

  3. pretty :D I have Masquerade Pale Dawn half kitted up to start at the moment.