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Saturday, February 23, 2013

An Afghan Update

I have put five more repeats on this:
 photo mmcu_zps315bdbfb.jpg

And I have finished all the basic parts of twenty granny squares.
 photo 20gs_zpsa8a18dc2.jpg

Now they are waiting patiently while I dither over exactly how I want to do their edging.  Then after getting that (it's one row, you wouldn't think it would be this difficult to decide) they get a quick blocking and be sewn together.  Then I have to edge the whole thing.  That edging, at least, I know exactly how I want to do.

And here's one more HAED!  I will be ending posts with these for a looong time - I bought way too many during that 50% sale!

 photo nowords_zps556777fc.jpg

Sessler's 'No Words Needed'.  This couple is apparently one of her favorite subjects, but that's okay.  They're beautiful.


  1. Excellent afghans! Your handwork is beautiful! Happy stitching on your HAED! :)

  2. The zig zag afghan is beautiful and reminds me a bit of African kuba cloth :)

  3. Love your afghans Tama. Wish I had someone to make them for. Love your new HAED. Love the pic of your plants and owls in the last post. I have decided that you must have 9 lives in order to stitch all these HAED's.