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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Santa Stocking

Number 23 of 30!

 photo sock23_zps714c1184.jpg

This one was a little messed up in the pattern - all the backstitch lines except for the fox were the same color, while the picture showed them different.  So I had to think.  Painful, lol!

Another HAED:
 photo Avarice_zps37c1b3d7.jpg

'Avarice' by Marta Dahlig
This is the sixth of her 7 Deadly Sins that I've bought.  If nothing else, whoever I leave my stash to when I die (hopefully at age 138 or older) will be extremely happy!


  1. The stocking is so nice! The way the fox fits the shape of the design is well-done and cute, and the stitching itself looks lovely.

  2. Great job on Santa, he looks excellent! It looks like all the thinking paid off, haha :-)

  3. Congrats on finishing the ornament. This series is so cute. I'm sure I have that kit in my stash if I'd go look. Love your new HAED.