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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finishing Up February

Last post of the month - boy, did February go by fast around here!

I've caught a flu or virus or something, so I've been too sick to go in to work for the last few days.  In between naps, I managed to do this:

 photo fredbookdn_zps1b93db66.jpg
The last two books of Frederick the Literate!

And here's the whole thing, waiting for the next step - stitching in the metallic bits on the books.

 photo fredmdn_zps255aef45.jpg

I've also filled in a bit more on Nostlagy (the pic is a bit fuzzy, sorry!)

 photo nost3_zpsc25235fd.jpg

And I started my Mum's next afghan, even though Mosiac Stair-step isn't done yet.
 photo grand1_zpsd01a7fd2.jpg

Whew.  Maybe I should get sick more often?  ...nah.  It's still no fun.

Here's another HAED to show - this one is 'Sea Beacon' by Jasmine Becket Griffith.
 photo seabeacon_zps927385ec.jpg

She's not my usual style, despite all the Hannah Lynn's I've acquired lately, but I like this one.  A lot.  I can't really explain why - but between the blues and the eeriness and the tiny ship silhouette, she's just perfect for me.

And one of my siblings felt a bit sorry for me being sick, and bought me a design from WitchyKitt, which is the site that has replaced Witch Stitch and Bits (although they don't have all the patterns).

This is 'Gothic Red'.  Very pretty!
 photo 2146_zpsff5c7868.jpg


  1. Wow and Yippee!! Frederick is almost done. I have this kit, but never started it. Great progress on Nostlagy. Your mom's afghan is going to be so pretty. More great charts.


  2. You crochet left handed? Do you also stitch left handed or is just the way you took the pic.


  3. I hope you are better by now =)

    You did a good job on you stitching and I love the afghan you started =)