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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trying Out Goals Again

I used to do this - and stick to it a little.

So I thought I'd give it another whirl.  I must do something to get this startitis under control!

Goals for February:

1.  Work on 'Snowing', make some progress.  Don't care how much.

2.  Finish the leaves and all the 3371 in 'Nostalgy's hair.

3.  Work on 'Lovers' during IHSW and get the girl's main skin colors done.

4.  Start Guardian Angel because he's for a SAL

5.  Don't start anything else.

6.  Finish a stocking ornament.

7.  Work on afghans

8.  Admit that I started something else on January 31st.

Oh, I can take care of that last goal right now!  I said I was going to start a Hannah Lynn in January, and I did!  On the evening of the very last day!  Lol!  Remember I posted a poll?  Well, this was the winner:


Amanda and Axel.

And start them I did!  Even though they are not kitted up yet.  I had bought the fabric and a few of the 27 (!) skeins of black required.  So I decided to do all the black first.  I'm currently on the first page, in the middle of that second little bat.  As soon as this page's black is done, I'll show you a picture!

9.  Last goal - work on Fred while at my easy job site Feb 7th, see if I can finish up his basic stitching.


  1. Good luck with your goals and I love your new start.


  2. All the best with your goals! Happy Stitching! :)

  3. Good luck with your goals =) I'm looking forward to see your new start =)

  4. Great goals! I especially like the "don't start anything new." That is the one I would have trouble keeping. LOL