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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More on Nostlagy

I'm not where I want to be to say 'Oh, my goal is done!' because I wanted more leaf-work.  I wanted them to look finished.  However, I've had to just start filling in the bigger blocks of background color, so that it would be easier to tell where the leaf-edges are.

I did wander into territory I wasn't going to go to yet - I did one color of one band of the mosaic.

Also, I finished all the 3371 in her hair, and the garnet (902) highlights.  So I will be filling in the black next, and I wanted to take a picture before I started that.  When there is more than one large area of color - unusual in a HAED, I know - then I like to alternate needles-full of floss to prevent boredom and random changing of projects.

So, since you now know all that supremely, extremely, vastly important information, here's an update pic.

 photo nost2_zps3a4aafb5.jpg

That's from earlier today.  I've started the black and more shades of blue on the background.  There will be one more pic before the end of February.

And here's another HAED - what's a layaway without knocking one of those Hannah Lynn's off the list?  This one is QS Nina.  Those are some hairy coconuts! (and that's a sentence I never thought I'd type!)

 photo Nina_zpsd8843dc5.jpg

I was surprised there was only one skein of 310 listed for her - so I had to check the pattern, and found that all of her outline is done in 898.  That'll be interesting.


  1. I`m still giggling when I look at your hairy coconuts - and that`s a sentence I never thought I`d type, lol! Lovely projects, btw :)

  2. It would be different to it stitched up in brown rather then black:)

  3. You made great progress on Nostlagy. I love your new HAED. You will gotta quit getting these. I so want to stitch one.


  4. Beautiful stitching and I love your new chart =)