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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dyeing Fabric

I spent the day trying out different techniques of dyeing fabric. The blue and green came out all right, but the brown has flecks of red and blue no matter which way I dyed it - washing machine, hot water in a bucket, stove top - didn't matter. Otherwise it was really pretty. As soon as I get batteries for my camera, I'll take some pics.

-2/21 - photos are now up, in my cross stitch album

Since I finished my Lizzie*Kate project, I've decided to let 'Snow Kat' by Calico Crossroads take it's place as my stress-free project. It's actually a bit bigger than a usual one, being 8x10 inches, but I think it will be all right. It's not a difficult pattern.

This evening I'll be getting Vash out to work on. If I can get his full 200 stitches in, I'll be happy. He's down to the confetti stitching on his gun, though, so I don't know if I can take it. All that grey, dark grey, light grey, different light grey, steel grey... urgh. But I'm so close to finishing him!

One of my net friends is picking up the floss for me to start stitching my Spike pattern. I can't wait to get it - he's only got 10000 stitches so he should be a quick finish. This is what the pattern looks like:

I made it myself, with PC Stitch. I love that program - where else could I ever get a Spike pattern?

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