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Monday, February 18, 2008

February List

My stitching goals for February:

Cross Stitch:

Finish Lizzie*Kate 'Follow Your Heart' (done!)
start Mirabilia's 'Rose of Sharon' (waiting for StitchALong)
Finish chin on 'Chang Wufei' (done!)
Stitch 200 stitches on 'Vash the Stampede' (done with 206!)
Finish two books on 'Frederick the Literate' (done!)
Finish five hours on 'Angel of Grace' (done!)
you can see pics of most of these here:


Finish my tea-towel 'dress' (1/2 done)
Work on my Arrowhead Puzzle quilt (done!)


Get three blocks of my tablecloth done (1 so far)
Finish at least two color changes on my 'Crayons' ripple afghan (done!)
Finish doll dress (3/4 done)

and possibly make a 'Figwit' plushie

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