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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

March Goals

I'll be updating this post until I have fifteen projects worked out.

1. Stitch 15 hours on 'Archangel'
2. Finish the left border of 'Nautical' - this will mean finishing seven flags and the red line. I'm not sure if I'll include backstitching the flags in this goal or not. (done!)
3. Finish 'Chang Wufei's collar and a big chunk of his shirt. (done!)
4. Complete 500 stitches on 'Vash the Stampede'
5. Stitch at least two more books on 'Frederick the Literate'
6. Complete 5 hours each on 'Angel of Grace', 'Rose of Sharon', (done!) and 'Touching the Autumn Sky'
7. Start 'Spike' (done!) and 'My Baby Duck'
8. Finish an entire row of blocks on my lace tablecloth
9. Do at least two color changes on 'Crayon Ripples' but try for four.
10. Finish four blocks on my 'Arrowhead Puzzle' quilt project OR sew together the blocks I already have done.
11. Work on at least 3 UFO's besides 'Vash the Stampede' (done!)
12. start (done!) and finish 'It's Not Easy'

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