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Friday, February 22, 2008

my goal list

well, my goals for February are getting done. This is amazing to me, because usually I only get about half and February is a shorter month.
I got my 200 stitches in on Vash, my UFO (UnFinished Object) - I think it was 206 to end with. I didn't bother with a picture, because there's not a noticable difference. Next month, I think I'll try for 500. I doubt if I'll have enough time to concentrate on finishing him. He's got 1200 stitches, at the very least, to go, and most of them are confetti. I hate confetti. Did I already mention that?

I dug out my Kats by Kelly designs and added pics of a lot of them to my Stash album in webshots, because I was going through last year's stitching notebook and found that I had marked down 2008 as a year to get a lot of them done. Good thing I had already started SnowKat, then! I think Cat O'Lantern will be next.
I also added the ones I don't have to my Wishlist, because next month is my birthday and my family will be looking there - I hope!

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