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Thursday, February 28, 2008


I joined the weekly SBQ group - though I haven't said anything to them yet! - and here's the question:

This week’s SBQ was suggested by Rachel and is:

What is your cross stitch weakness? (i.e., What do you have to have when you see it, even if you are supposed to be on the Wagon?)

Well, oddly enough, mine is 5x7 kits. I don't know why - I love big projects. But when I see a 5x7 kit my brain just goes 'oh, I could get that done in no time'! and I buy it. Especially if it's got animals on it. Go figure...

11:00 PM -
I went to my Mum and Dad's today to visit - Dad got the fourth season of 'Hogan's Heroes' for Christmas and just hasn't had time to watch it yet. We always watch them together - sometimes my sister does, too, and my Mum, but they don't like them as much as Dad and I do. And my DB hates that show! So, I needed something to stitch - I can't sit still and do nothing, and Archangel is too complicated to work on while watching something new.

Anyway, I took my 'Nautical' sampler - and I got six of the seven flags done! That's almost my whole March goal for this piece! Tomorrow I'll finish up the last one and try to get the red-line border done around them, and post a pic! I'm amazed, because even though they are simple, there are exactly 111 stitches in each square flag - so that's um... 672 stitches, because I got the first line of the seventh flag done, too. I also did a bit of the red border, so that's really even more stitches. If I wasn't so sleepy, I'd finish it up tonight, but I know I won't make it.

So, tomorrow, before I start 'Rose of Sharon', I'm finishing that last flag! Then I can have a whole new goal for March - maybe this piece will be finished sooner than I think!

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